Fun tricks to make that smoke ring from your cigarette bigger.

how to blow smoke rings
How to blow smoke rings?

Fun tricks to make that smoke ring from your cigarette bigger.

Blowing large smoke rings is a fun activity that cigarette smokers have engaged in for decades. Making these huge smoke rings is always very impressive and never grows old. No matter how many times you have witnessed the art of making these rings it’s always impressive. There is one question that every cigarette smoker asks at some point in their life. How do I make huge smoke rings?

Today we will answer this question in depth. In this article, we shall learn how to make huge rings with cigarettes in easy and practical steps. Making rings of smoke out of a cigarette is a fun and simple activity that can be done by anyone. These tricks can be performed by both beginners and seasoned smokers alike. However, for seasoned smokers, it’s much easier as they have years of practice under the belt.

Let us now look into how to make huge rings with cigarettes.The “O” trick.This is the simplest method you can use to make smoke rings. It’s preferable to start with the “O” trick if you are a beginner. In order to produce huge rings using this method, you need to take a drag from your cigarette and inhale the smoke into your throat. You can keep your tongue lying flat at the bottom of your mouth, close to the throat to prevent the air from escaping. Once this is done by forming your lips in an “O” shape and release the smoke. The smoke will come out in nice “O” shaped rings. To make the rings bigger increase the size of the “O” you make. The larger the “O” the larger the smoke rings made.

French trick.

This is one of the methods used to create smoke rings from cigarettes. The method involves taking in the cigarette smoke without inhaling. Once the smoke settles in the mouth it is released slowly while inhaling at the same time. Keeping the smoke in for some time without inhaling allows you to make bigger rings. With the French method, the rings are usually bigger than the o method. However, this method is not advisable for beginners due to a risk of choking. This will, however, require practice in order to learn to do it well and make huge rings.

The key to making huge rings with cigarettes is choosing a good cigarette brand. However, as it is said to practice makes perfect. Having learned how to make huge rings with cigarettes its time to practice what we have learned. It is advisable to practice making rings on your normal smoking routine as you are more likely to be relaxed then. Have fun making those huge rings easily by following the tips above.